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All Course Lectures

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CET4861 Lectures Page


Lectures that are useful for the materials in this course will be posted on this page. In addition to lectures produced for this class, this page also includes lectures from other courses.


I strongly suggest you download these files to your computer, that way you can view the video on your host system and have access to it at any time (even when you are offline).  Also, run the video in your host system (Windows, whatever) and have your VM open while I work through the video. Pause the video when I run the command, duplicate the command.  Does it work? Great! You're doing it correctly.  Doesn't work? You're doing it wrong!  That's the only way to learn, by DOING!  Now have fun!






Setting Up


  • If you haven't previously had a class with me which has used VMware or Linux, this will help you get started.

Installing Mint

4860 Review
  Videos for review only 

Introduction to forensics, basic forensics procedures, and dealing with evidence


Length: 28 Minutes

  Forensic process

 Steps to create a disk image, verify a disk image, and document the process.


Length: 8 Minutes


One-way cryptographic hashing. Verify files with MD5 cryptographic hashes on Linux and windows. Analyze a disk image safely in read-only mode.


Length: 21 Minutes


A look at the details of the Virtual File Allocation Table File System (VFAT) 


Length: 30 Minutes

  VFAT file system 
  Sample of Tools for Forensic Examination 

Brief overview of FTK Imager such as adding a drive, creating a hash of a drive, and creating a disk image.


Length: 19 Minutes

  FTK Imager

Creating an image and file hashes using ProDiscover


Length: 17 Minutes 


How to image and verify a drive using Linux. Use dd to image a drive in Linux, obtain file information with file, and multiple methods to create and view hashes.


Length: 20 Minutes

  Linux dd
Craiger - Computer Forensics Procedures    Craiger - Computer Forensics Procedures
Project 1: Tool Validation

Microsoft's New Technology File System (NTFS). 


Length: 27 Minutes

  NTFS 1 of 2

Continuation of the first NTFS video 


Length: 23 Minutes

  NTFS 2 of 2 

A brief look at some of the things in NTFS.


Length: 6 Minutes

  NTFS Demo

Hiding data using Alternate Data Streams in NTFS


Length: 15 Minutes

  Alternate Data Streams

Install Sleuthkit and use it to forensically analyze an image of a file system.


Length: 30 Minutes

Project 2: NTFS File System
Mac and Linux file systems

Macintosh file structure and the Hierarchical File System Extended Format (HFS+)


Length: 28 Minutes 


Linux and the EXT file system part 1


Length: 31 Minutes 

  EXT 1 of 2

Linux and the EXT file system part 2


Length: 31 Minutes 

  EXT 2 of 2
Project 3: EXT and HFS+ File Systems
Windows Registry        

Windows Registry


  Registry Tutorial

Windows Registry Forensics, Forensics Magazine, John Barbara

A Forensic Analysis of the Windows Registry, Farmer, Forensic Focus





Project 4: Windows Registry

Mobile Device Forensics
    Android Device Forensics    
    Forensics Analysis on iOS Devices    
    Guidelines for Mobile Device Forensics, NIST, 2013 (most important)    
Solid State Drives    

John Barbara: SSD Forensics, DFI Magazine.






Supporting Courses



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